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HODSON D. - EU Governance and Integration : Common Policies, Institutions, Eurozone, (Digital) Single Market, Globalisation, EU Crises (30h)

Professor Dermot HODSON                   Academic assistant: Andréa DELESTRADE


The purpose of this research seminar is to present a framework for the preparation of the Master’s thesis, exploring feasible topics and guiding the research in the process of preparing and writing the thesis. Completing a successful thesis requires substantive knowledge of a specific field of study and a good grasp of research design. Students taking this seminar will:

  • understand the essentials of research design, including the formulation of a robust research question.
  • have an awareness of disciplinary debates about case selection in the study of politics;
  • prepare a strategy for writing up thesis chapters in an efficient and effective manner so as to maintain the momentum of a research project;
  • have an opportunity to talk about research in progress in a constructive setting.

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