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KASSIM H. - Understanding Brexit : Causes, Consequences and Challenges (8h)

Professor: Hussein KASSIM

Assistant: Aurélien Mornon-Afonso

This workshop will enable students to develop a detailed understanding of Brexit. It discusses the considerations that led David Cameron to promise the British people an ‘in’/‘out’ referendum on EU membership, situates the vote in the context of the UK’s troubled relationship with the EU, and examines the domestic aftermath. It looks at how the EU and the UK approached the negotiations, considers the terms of the two agreements, and sets the resulting UK-EU relations in comparative perspective.

It considers the impact of Brexit on the UK as a Union of nations, the possibility of a united Ireland, and executive-legislature relations, as well as the effects on party politics, the economy, policy and regulation, and ambitions of a ‘Global Britain’. It examines how Brexit has affected the EU, including policy and policy making, and the EU’s management of relations with its ‘noisy neighbour’. It also considers the effects of Brexit on the domestic politics of EU member states, including on Eurosceptic parties and opinion.