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PHINNEMORE D. - Differentiated External Integration : The Protocol on Ireland/ Northern Ireland in EU-UK Relations (8h)

Implementation of the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland is one of the most contested elements of the post-Brexit EU-UK relationship. This arises from the unprecedented form of differentiated external integration with the EU that it has established for Northern Ireland in order inter alia to avoid a hardening of the land border on the island of Ireland. This compact seminar explores the rationale for and extent of the differentiated arrangements that the EU and the UK agreed for Northern Ireland and the challenges that have arisen with regard to the Protocol’s implementation. In so doing, it considers not only the dynamic nature and substance of the Protocol and the operation of its evolving governance arrangements, but also how these compare to other forms of externally differentiated integration that the EU has established with European non-member states.  

Professor: David PHINNEMORE