4th EPPA Symposium ft. ECGT Closing Ceremony - Which Way Forward for Digitalisation?


Tuesday 18.06.19
11:00 to 16:30

As tradition requires, the EPPA and ELEA Symposia marked the end of the academic year and the College of Europe experience. This year, conveniently placed before the group picture and the Mayor's drinks, the EPPA students organised an interactive day on the impact and ethics of new technology.

The Symposium started with a Panel Discussion on the topic: Digitalization and the EU citizens fracture - how can the 4th industrial revolution be inclusive? with specialists Edouard SIMON and Julie PELLEGRIN

After the lunch break, Professor Andrea RENDA, Chair of Digital Innovation, gave a keynote speech on the Ethics of AI and the emerging EU response. 

Finally, and with the aim of rendering the Symposium more interactive and conclusive, we joined forces with the European Centre for Government Transformation, an initiative in public sector reform established by Accenture, the Lisbon Council and the College of Europe. The 3 student teams who competed this past year on digitalisation and public sector projects across Europe presented their findings. At the end of the Closing Ceremony, the winner was announced. 

A final Reception followed to conclude the day. 

The Symposium was open to all students.

Thank you, 
The EPPA and ECGT students