Second "Decentralised" Lunch Talk of the GCLC - Italy


Thursday 03.04.14
13:00 to 15:45


Autorità garante della concorrenza e del mercato
Piazza G. Verdi, 6/a
00198 Roma


In Partnership with Autorità garante della concorrenza e del mercato e associazione antitrust italiana 

Taking Stock of the Implementation of Regulation 1/2003: The Italian Perspective


Ahead of its 2014 Annual Conference on the 10th Anniversary of Regulation 1/2003, the GCLC will hold a series of decentralized lunch talks in European capitals. Those events intend to take empirical stock of the practical implementation of the Regulation at the national level. They will be organised in partnership with leading national competition authorities, and with the DG Competition (EU Commission).

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