Alumni of Hannah Arendt Promotion receive thesis award during GCLC conference

On Friday 12 February 2021, Rector Federica MOGHERINI awarded the prize for best thesis in Competition Law and Economics for the Hannah Arendt Promotion. Alumni Alexandre KÖHLER and Dzhuliia LYPALO won the prize ex aequo for their dissertations written during the academic year 2019-2020 and received the award during the third and final day of the virtual Global Competition Law Centre Conference

"It is a great honour to receive the GCLC prize together with Dzhuliia, with whom I had already the pleasure to plead with for the College moot court. It has been an incredible time at the College and this prize is the fulfilment of a rich academic and social year. All my gratitude goes to Prof. Philip MARSDEN for his support and supervision and to President Bernd MEYRING and the GCLC board for the interest they took in our papers", says Alexandre KÖHLER, who graduated last year as a Master in European Law

"After an amazing year in Bruges as a student, I am especially honoured to be awarded this prize by Rector MOGHERINI. I was very happy to work on this topic under the supervision of Professor Mario SIRAGUSA, and I am hoping to continue my research as an Academic Assistant this year", adds alumna Dzhuliia LYPALO, who is active in the European Legal Studies Department of our College of Europe Bruges campus.