Rector MOGHERINI contributes to Finnish Alumni podcast

On 15 December2020, Rector MOGHERINI made a contribution for a podcast 10 Myths about Society organised by the Finnish Alumni.  

How do the covid crisis and the EU recovery plans impact the EU as a global actor? How can the EU increase its influence in the world? How to improve cohesion and incentives for responsible fiscal policy within the EU? These questions are discussed in a special EU episode of the Finnish 10 Myths About Society podcast with Federica MOGHERINI: The largest stimulus package in history leads to federal EU.

10 Myths About Society (or “10 myyttiä yhteiskunnasta”) is one of the most popular political podcasts in Finland. It seeks to demystify and find solutions to economic crisis, climate change and threats to democracy such as populism. The podcast is hosted by Jenni PAJUNEN who is currently city councillor in Helsinki and College of Europe Alumni from Beethoven-promotion 2005-06 together with MP, Dr Juhana VARTIAINEN, both members of the National Coalition party (part of EPP). The podcast is available on Spotify and on all major podcast platforms. 

Link to the podcast on Spotify; the episode with Rector MOGHERINI will be available from 21 December 2020.