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DE RUYT J. - Leadership in the European Union (10h)

This seminar develops a reflexion on the sensitive issue of leadership in the European Union, currently shared by the leaders of the institutions and those of the member states, notably the biggest of them. It examines the evolution of institutional leadership since the Rome Treaty, the role of Jacques Delors as the first "political" president of the Commission, the success of Javier Solana in the position of "high representative" created after the Balkan wars, then the debate on leadership in the Convention on the future of Europe and the appointment of new leaders after the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty.

The performance of the "Lisbon leaders" is examined closely as well as the action of their successors, after the first "election" of the president of the Commission in 2014. On this basis, the course engages in a political analysis of the shortcomings of EU's institutional leadership as well as of the "Franco – German tandem", seen by EU's public opinion - and from the point of view of efficiency. Finally, it suggests a few institutional adaptations which – with or without a new treaty – should allow the institutional leaders to reinforce their influence. // ECTS Card

Professor: Jean DE RUYT