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GUERRA S. - Euroscepticism, Contested Politics in the EU and Emotions (25h)

Professor: GUERRA Simona     Academic Assistant: Pablo VILLATORO HARILLO

This course will investigate the current state of European politics and address whether we are witnessing the end of the EU, as we know it.

Together, we will examine the comparative politics of European integration, and address the course main research question: Q: ‘Is the EU doomed?’.

In particular, the course studies the impact of the EU on the domestic debates and what determines levels of support for EU integration and opposition to it. We will engage with both theoretical and empirical analysis. With the theoretical debates, we will examine the approaches to study EU integration (and disintegration), and attitudes towards European integration. By the study of empirical data and analysis – political parties and party systems (students can replicate studies and analyses); a focus on some EU Member States or area studies, Western and Central and Eastern Europe; the retreat of democracy; the role of emotions; and issues of contestation across the current developments in European politics.