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VANHERCKE B. - Social Dimension of European Integration (25h)

Professor: VANHERCKE Bart    Academic Assistant: SABOURI Anahita


The aim of the course is to provide general knowledge of the social policies of the European Union, from its beginnings. This includes an understanding of the interaction between social policy debates and initiatives, on the one hand, and economic and monetary policies, on the other. The course will also address the diverse national welfare systems and will ultimately ask the following question: is the ‘European social modela reality or an elusive concept?

The course adopts a multidisciplinary approach to European social policies, with a view to highlighting the interactions between different levels of governance (Europeanisation) as well as the role of actors, ideas and institutions. Finally, the course will highlight links between the day-to-day EU initiatives and the main theoretical frameworks that explain the historical development of the EU’s social dimension, which is partially developed ‘through the back door’ of the internal market and economic governance.

This is an interactive course related to current affairs: several guest lecturers with diverse backgrounds (research, policymaking) will introduce some of the most recent developments on the EU agenda.