Practical Information

Format & dates: This course will take place online from 28 to 30 September 2022.

The price includes:

  • The tuition fee
  • The training materials
  •  A certificate from the College of Europe upon completion of the course.

All other costs are at the expense of the participant or their employer. Please refer to the registration page for further details on the price and available discounts.

Virtual lecture rooms: The College of Europe uses MS Teams for a full online learning experience. This platform for online education allows to set up fully interactive training sessions.

Participants will be able to:

  • See and interact with the trainers and their peers during the training sessions;
  • Have access to a variety of training material published and stored on MS Teams;
  • Extend the interaction with fellow participants and trainers thanks to chat channels/video calls available throughout the duration of the course.     

To join the lecture room, participants just need a laptop or computer, a webcam, a microphone and a stable internet connection. Upon registration, participants will receive our “Guidelines to join the College of Europe Online Executive Training courses”. Before the course starts, all participants will be invited to join a “Getting Connected” session to allow everyone to become familiar with the online learning environment and do a “gear-check”.

Online course materials: Specific training material will be shared with participants in advance to maximise and complement the learning experience.

Virtual networking:  Networking activities will be organised and, together with the chat/video calls options that MS Teams allows, participants will be able to interact among each other and with the trainers.

All in all, it will create a unique virtual space for learning, networking and exchange.

College of Europe Library: Upon request, participants may have online access to the College of Europe Library. Please indicate your interest to the course team before the registration deadline.

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