Summer courses

The Alliance Fran├žaise de Bruxelles-Europe organises an intensive French training for Master students, "French for International Relations". Improve your French for European and International Relations thanks to this French course, built in the heart of Brussels’ European quarter. Benefit from the best of our French courses! 

From 8th to 26th August 2022.




Level B1 and B2

Enroll for our special training in August for future students of the College of Europe!
Get ready for the start of your master's degree!

Target audience

  • Prospective and former Master’s students at the College of Europe in Bruges and Natolin
  • Interns at European institutions and parliamentary assistants
  • EU civil servants and diplomats, journalists and interpreters
  • Anyone involved in or interested in French for European and International Relations.

Course content

Simulated work-related situations in an international context (discussions, meetings, presentations, etc.), introduction to French-speaking media, acquisition of vocabulary specific to the field of International Relations.