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HRBEK R. - EU Multi-Level Governance : Civil Society Actors, Interest Groups, Political Parties (30h)

This research seminar is on governance in the EU, focusing on non-state (private, societal) actors, their role and concrete activities. The research seminar shall primarily deal with the three following types of non-state actors: (1) NGOs representing Civil Society (such as ATTAC, Greenpeace or Amnesty International) and promoting special concerns; (2) traditional interest groups (such as farmers’ organizations, business associations, trade unions or organizations representing various sectors and professions); (3) political parties.

Research seminars are the framework in which the individual Master Thesis shall be written. In this research seminar each thesis should be an actor-related study, focusing on activities and performance of one actor or, more probably, various actors (they may form and appear as a “network”), involved in dealing with a particular issue in a specific policy field. The respective thesis, therefore, may be a case-study.

Professor Rudolf HRBEK